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The company was incorporated in 1971 as a proprietary limited Company with the late Mr. E. Baronos as the sole shareholder. Mr. E. and Mrs. A.V Baronos (Administration) ran the company until 1978 when their son Mr. A. Baronos joined the organisation.

Mr. A Baronos acquired 49% of the shares from his father. These shares were purchased over time as his knowledge and experience grew. In the year 2000 the company converted from a (PTY) Ltd Company to a Close Corporation. Mr. E Baronos passed away in May 2001 and Mrs A.V. Baronos inherited the 51% members interest.

Over the past 33 years the company has established itself as a respectable and reputable manufacturer of leather goods and is currently an industry leader in the South African leather goods market. At E. Baronos Leather Manufacturers we believe in building South African branded products, as this supports South Africa's growing economy, and enriches the lives of people in our beautiful country by creating jobs.

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