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E Baronos Leather manufactures small leather goods such as wallets, filo-faxes and leather binders. The quality is superior to many imported goods and strict quality control procedures are implemented to maintain the high standard of all goods. E Baronos Leather are continually striving to find new and improved methods and processes to maintain and improve the quality of all goods produced.

Fine leather goods can also be designed and manufactured to specific client requirements. Existing and potential clients are encouraged to visit our factory, which includes a vast range of goods displayed in the showroom. Here clients can survey the superior quality and workmanship for themselves.

In summary, E Baronos Leather Manufacturers is a well established South African company. It offers superior client service and a wide range of the highest quality leather goods and accessories. A highly skilled, efficient workforce is employed. As a result E Baronos Leather is the supplier of choice to a wide range of leading South African companies.

E Baronos is also a member of X/procure™ - leaders in electronic ordering systems to the South African pharmaceutical industry.

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